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Service workers

County considers garbage detail
By Deborah Bennett
Millen News Editor

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News Editor

The Jenkins County Commissioners delayed hiring an additional employee to clean up around county dumpsters until such time as they can investigate the possibility of using community service workers to do so. The decision was made during the group’s Thursday, Feb. 17, meeting when commissioner Tommy Lane suggested that community service workers could be used provided a plan can be worked out with local law enforcement, court officials and probation officers.

The commissioners opened bids for interest on a $100,000 certificate of deposit from Regions Bank and First National Bank, but tabled taking action until such time as a 15 months bid could be obtained from First National.

A request from the Jenkins County Development Authority requesting that the county pay for the surveying of additional property to be purchased for the Industrial Park was approved 4-1 with commissioner Green casting the opposing vote.

Green commented that he opposed the motion because, "We don’t know whom we’re surveying the land for."

"Who is the development authority?" he asked.

The commissioners approved a request from the City of Millen asking that the municipality be allowed to pay landfill charges at its old rate of $5 per ton. The rate had been previously increased to $28 per ton. The approved motion was retroactive to the time of the increase.

Other actions taken by the commissioners included the following:

• authorized the chairman to sign a new right-of-way agreement with the Department of Transportation (DOT) on the Herndon bridges repair project;

• accepted for review plans for a subdivision at Herndon off Johnson Road;

• authorized the chairman to sign a new DOT contract for two Herndon bridges;

• approved a $1,200 maintenance contract for the ambulance billing program;

• approved the painting of the Jenco building provided that leaks have been repaired;

• approved reimbursement to the property owner for the cost of replacing a fence on property owned by J.D. Hendley; and

• accepted an offer from a landowner whereby the county would pay for repairs to a dam located on his property in return for an unlimited supply of dirt to be used on Dickey Road, pending state approval of the dirt.

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