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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

Jenkins County is a wonderful place to live, work and play. Few places can match our climate, resources and quality of life. There are times, though, when our county’s natural beauty can be overwhelmed by forces of nature known as severe weather.

When severe weather hits, advance warnings and preparedness often makes the difference between safety or injury and even life or death.

In an effort to encourage each Georgian to prepare their family and their property for flooding, hurricanes, lightning, thunderstorms, tornadoes, heat waves and winter storms, Governor Sonny Perdue has proclaimed the week of Feb. 20-26 as Severe Weather Awareness Week.

The ultimate goal of this observance is to save lives and reduce property damage by reminding residents to plan ahead and to take action now regarding the variety of severe weather events that can and do occur in Georgia.

During Severe Weather Awareness Week, the public’s participation is essential to making the campaign successful. Jenkins County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), along with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) and the National Weather Service (NWS) will publicize preparedness measures in the news media, on the Internet and in schools. Information will be posted on web sites. Newspaper articles will be published and news releases and public service announcements will be broadcast in order to get Georgians prepared to survive severe weather in 2005. Please engage you family, friends and co-workers in meaningful discussions about severe weather plans by using the available information and activities to pave the way.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, the NWS will initiate the Statewide Severe Weather Drill. Families, schools, churches, businesses and local governments should treat this drill as if it were real by activating their emergency plan. In the event of bad weather on Feb. 23, the statewide drill will be rescheduled for Friday, Feb. 25.

For additional information about emergency preparedness measures during severe weather events, please visit GEMA’s web site at www.gema.state.ga.us. Also, the National Weather Service – Peachtree City Office maintains a web site with a great deal of useful information about severe weather in Georgia at www.srh.noaa.gov/ffc/. Another good source of severe weather preparedness material is the American Red Cross web site at www.redcross.org.

I encourage each of you to support and promote Severe Weather Awareness Week 2005 by activity planning and rehearsing for the real thing. Again, the success of this event depends on all of us.

Robert K. Fields

Jenkins County EMA director

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