2005-09-28 / Front Page

Schools take ‘snow days’ to conserve fuel

By Deborah Bennett Millen News Editor

Jenkins County students, teachers and administrators were treated to two unexpected holidays on Monday and Tuesday when Governor Sonny Perdue asked all state school systems to take two “early snow days” as a means of conserving diesel fuel.

Gov. Perdue took the action on Friday, Sept. 23, in anticipation of Hurricane Rita and the potential for temporary disruption of fuel supply in Georgia. By taking the two days off, school systems were expected to save more than 225,000 gallons of diesel fuel per day.

The Governor also signed an Executive Order eliminating non-essential state travel and requiring alternative work schedules or telecommuting for all state employees where possible. Local governments and businesses across Georgia were asked to adopt active policies allowing employees to conserve fuel as well. He asked that alternative work schedules, telecommuting and other conservation methods be implemented immediately. Private sector citizens were encouraged to car pool.

The Governor had previously taken several measures aimed at getting more motor fuel into Georgia and preventing prices from rising higher.

On Aug. 26, Perdue signed an executive order extending the relaxation of weight restrictions on fuel trucks coming into the state of Georgia from Florida. The extension is set to expire Oct. 15.

On Aug. 31, the Governor signed an Executive Order to prevent price gouging on motor fuel. It will expire the end of September.

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