2005-10-26 / Letters

Dear Editor,

With the recent press that has been made about the county employees and the pay raises, one would have to question the way the raises were given. Wouldn’t the fairest way to determine the raise have been to take the number of employees and divide it equally between them?

Commissioners want employees to have a college education to hold certain jobs. How many college educated people would even think of getting a job on the road crew or being an assistant to officials in the courthouse? Usually only someone who could not find a job in their chosen field would consider these jobs, and they probably would be temporary until they found a job in their field. Many things are learned in the everyday workplace that can’t be taught in the finest universities. I’m sure there is not a course in the University System of Georgia that teaches motorgrading, backhoe procedures, dumpster lifting, or even assisting our elected officials with their jobs. The education these people have could have only come from on the job training.

How many of our present commissioners could actually go out and perform the jobs our county employees do daily? Not many, I would think!

Would it not make more sense to give a raise to someone who is already trained in their job rather than having to hire new employees and train them to do the job the present employee is already trained for? Can the county really afford to lose the experienced employees they already have or had they rather these people go to other counties to seek employment? The other county gains by employing our experienced, trained employee. These employees were trained at the expense of Jenkins County, why waste them? Education does not always come from the finest universities; sometimes experience is the greatest teacher.

Randall L. Gay, Sr.

Four Points Community

Garfield, Georgia

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this time to thank all of the people here in Millen that have helped us after hurricane Katrina. Everyone’s kindness and generosity has been overwhelming. All of the help and prayers mean so much to me and my family.

After the hurricane hit New Orleans, I was not sure where we would go or what our future plans would be. While our future is still somewhat undecided, I wanted to thank everyone who helped us in our time of need. With the help of everyone here in Millen, a very trying and stressful time was made much easier.

I want to try to mention everyone here. If I miss someone, I do apologize.

(Aunt) Yvonne Motto, Peggy, Max and Alexis McLaughlin, Robert and Linda Jenkins and family, West Millen Baptist Church, Pastor Steven and Cheryl Adams, Green Fork Baptist Church, Pastor and Mrs. Jon Sullivan, St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Neal’s Hardware (John and Mrs. Neal), Carroll Gay, Debbie Williams, Glenda Brown, Sylvia and Charles Gay, Kelly Fields, Bob and Mable Jenkins, Gary and Beverly Holton, Herbert and Zelma Reynolds, Bonnie Wiggins, Larry and Brenda Thompson, Jim Thompson, Goldberg’s Furniture, Bobby J. Dickey, Rachel and Wendell Hagan, Vivian and Jim Wiggins, Ellen and J.A. Porter, John Wilson, Dr. Kyle Gay, Deborah Bennett, Mel Bargeron, Teresa Gunn, Farmers Furniture, Maybell Wiggins, Glenmary Sisters, Dale Reeves, Fred’s, Planters Electric, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Burke, Wayne Brinson and Pastor Ray Freeman.

Thank you, Ed Federer and Family

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