2006-09-27 / Other Jenkins News

Syl-View Happenings

By Betty Scarborough

We were a part of the Sylvania Sampler, and we were delighted to have people from Millen stop by our display to visit. We appreciated those who stated they read the Syl-View Happenings in The Millen News. We were delighted with your comments about the activity program.

Max Burns, candidate for Congress, visited Friday, Sept. 22. He was presented an award for his work with those over 60. This was an opportunity for our residents to talk with those running for office and learn of their plans, if elected. Some of our residents are active voters. The staff is also a part of getting to know the candidates. This is a great way to be a part of our community. We invite all candidates who will, to visit SylView.

We will receive an award for Total Community Involvement at the State Activity Convention. We are in the top three, so we will be first, second or third. I prepared our entry in the critical care waiting room when my husband, Don, was very ill, so I am amazed that we even placed.

We will celebrate the colors of fall by decorating with red, yellow, orange and rust. We will use tablecloths and arrangements in these fall colors.

We will watch a video of fall scenes and travel to the mountains to see fall leaves in our "armchair travel." The refreshments will be provided and served by Ogeechee Area Hospice.

Monday night was square dance night, and a time of fun and fellowship. Bill Kellicker and the Screven Squares entertained.

The community is so involved in our activity program, and we are grateful. Volunteers continue to make a difference for good in the lives of our residents. There is a place for you, and we would love to have you visit in our Syl-View Happenings.

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