2006-11-15 / ChatterBox

The Chatter Box

By Deborah Bennett

I recently read an informative article on the Cuckoo bird and its habits in the wild. It was interesting to note that the Cuckoo bird does not build a nest of its own when it comes time for the female to lay her eggs. Instead, she lays her eggs in the nests of other birds, along side the host bird's eggs.

After laying the eggs, the female Cuckoo has performed her maternal act and quickly disappears. Her eggs are incubated and hatched by the host bird as it sits on its own eggs in the nest.

When the eggs hatch, the Cuckoo hatchlings are quite enormous when compared to the hatchlings of the host bird. Consequently, the host mother and father spend most of their time attempting to satisfy the enormous appetites of the Cuckoos, ignoring the timid cries of their own hatchlings. As result, the hatchlings of the host birds often die while the Cuckoos thrive.

I couldn't help but think about the recent General Election and all of the negative campaigning when I read this story.

Maybe now that the election is over all the politicians will stop paying attention to the cries of the Cuckoos and focus on the issues instead.


We are pleased to welcome Amy Keldie as the newest member of our office staff this week and look forward to working with her.


Please don't forget that 5 p.m. this Thursday is the deadline for submitting your "Magic of Christmas" photos of your children for the Dec. 22 edition. The cost is $5 per child, and your photos will be returned.


Happy birthday to: Jacob Burke, Mason Davis, Debbie Williams, Seth Benson, Imari Jackson, Vanessa Gordon, Rebekah Daniel, Danny Troisi, Bill Knight Sr., Larry Johnson, Elene Bragg and Chase Wilkerson.


Celebrating wedding anniversaries this week are: Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wallace and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Landing.


Military Active Duty List: Capt. Donald Slade Burke, Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, Calif.; SPC Grade E4 Arthur Lamont Milton Jr., HHC 1-36 Infantry Support, Friedberg, Germany; Staff Sgt. Gilbert C. Sheppard III, 48th Brigade, 118th Field Artillery, Ft. Stewart; Petty Officer 2nd Class Jamie A. Yager, U.S. Navy, Maryland; Petty Chief Officer Andy D. Crosby, U.S. Navy, Elroy Destroyer, Norfolk, Va.; Stephanie Crosby, R.N., U.S. Navy, Lafayette Destroyer; LCPL Dwain "Cade" Lee, 1st Marine Division Combat Service Support Group II Security Element, ArRamadi, Iraq; Jimmy Cooper, U.S. Army National Guard, 878th Engineering Battalion-Augusta, Persian Gulf ; 1st Lt. J.R. Taylor, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Iraq; SPC. Daniel Stuart, 18th MEDCOM, 121 General Hospital, Seoul, Korea; SFC Floyd Bolton Jr., 7th Battalion, 159th Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky; SFC Maria Bolton, 61st Medical Detachment, 21st Combat Support Hospital, 4th Medical Brigade, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky; 1st Lt. Andrew P. Thomas, U.S. Marines, 2nd Marine Division, F.A.S.T. Company, Yorktown, VA; Sgt. 1st Class Steven Yager, 362nd Sig. Company, Korea; MM3 Jeffrey Sweat, U.S. Navy, USS Kauffman, MM3 59/E-Division, A-Gang, Norfolk, Va.; Cpl. Larry Lamont Clark, U.S. Marine Corp, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. Bagdad, Iraq; Khan Young, U.S. Navy, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, Persian Gulf; Robert Milton Jr., E-3, U.S. Army, Ft. Stewart, Hinesville, Ga., Mission Kuwait;

SFC Ronnie Perryman, E-7, Georgia Army National Guard, Battery A, 118th Field Artillery Regiment, 48th Brigade Combat Team; Arnold R. Mosley, 2nd Lt., U.S. Air Force, Randolph AFB, Texas; and Debra A. Mosley, Tech. Sgt., U.S. Air Force, Randolph AFB, Texas.

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