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Letters to the Editor


I am a 17-year-old animal lover and hold a part-time job while I go to school.

I would start off by saying there are quite a few stray cats in our neighborhood. They all would come to my house at night because they weren't getting fed. I would like everyone to know they all found homes because I took them to the animal shelter and checked up on them. I happen to be owner of one of those so called dogs that keeps barking on Wade Street, and if a person has a problem with my dog doing a natural thing, they need to take it up with the owner. Dogs don't just bark for no reason. Our dogs only bark when there is a stranger in the yard because they know the difference between you and me. I like that because it's for my protection and my family.

My dog also only barks when one of the other neighbor's dogs

is loose. So, if you can keep other people's animals in their own yards, maybe there wouldn't be such a problem.

I would like to end this by saying thank God I can hear the dogs bark because some aren't as fortunate.

Danielle Dieteman



Government can legislate morality. We must understand the purpose of government - historically, Biblically and socially.

Every law has a moral component. Murder is illegal because it is immoral. Stealing is against the law because it is morally wrong. Driving too fast will get you a ticket because it endangers lives, and that is immoral. Even the War on Terror is about judgment for the guilty and protection of the innocent. That is morality. It is true that Our Lord Jesus was

not a part of the Roman government. He did pay taxes to that government. He taught, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." Paul taught government was ordained of God and taught that we were to submit to that government. Peter said government is "sent by (God) for the punishment of evildoers." That sounds like morality. Interestingly, all three were executed by the Roman government for their ultimate allegiance to the Kingdom of God. The point is that the Bible teaches good citizenship. In a free society that means voting, and for a Christian, that means voting your conscience and speaking out for morality.

The prophets of old always informed government. John the Baptist lost his life for speaking out against the immorality of King Herod. In the founding of our nation, our fathers

were aware that our freedoms flowed from God and that government was ultimately accountable to Him.

I agree that morality should be taught and caught in the home. It is not enough, however, for us to teach our children abortion is wrong and then vote for people who say it is constitutional right. It is mixed message to defend traditional marriage and then vote for those who support leadership that would destroy it by homosexual unions. Our walk must be consistent with our talk. Abraham Lincoln said, "No one has the right to do wrong!" He ended slavery based on this belief.

No, government can not legislate righteousness. God has to do that for us. Government can, should and must legislate morality. That precisely is its job. Pastor Britt C. Peavy

Long Branch Church of God

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