2007-03-28 / Editorials

First impressions are important

The recent decision by the Jenkins County Commissioners to adopt a Public Nuisance Ordinance is welcomed news to local citizens who desire to see Jenkins County become a more attractive community in which to live. The presence of abandoned and dilapidated property must be dealt with both in the county and the city if we are to achieve this goal.

The adoption of a Public Nuisance Ordinance will give the county the authority and enforcement mechanism to address this issue and take actions to correct the problem.

The City of Millen has recently begun stricter enforcement of its Public Nuisance Ordinance, and we applaud their efforts.

Jenkins County and Millen is a wonderful community in which to live, and we should strive to make it as attractive as possible. First impressions are of great importance since prospective industries often look at the appearance of a community before anything else.

Let's make ours as attractive as possible.

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