2008-05-14 / Front Page

Storm hits county hard

By Deborah Bennett Millen News Editor

This mobile home on West Old Savannah Road was turned into a heap of rubble during an early morning storm that roared through the county Sunday. (Staff photos by Deborah Bennett)
A violent storm that roared through Jenkins County early Sunday morning caused wide spread damage throughout the area with two residents reporting minor injuries.

Mobile homes were turned upside down; trees were uprooted and snapped like match sticks; roads were blocked by fallen trees and power lines; and homes and other buildings were damaged from high winds. Two local churches, Rosemary Baptist Church and Oak Hill Baptist Church, each sustained substantial damage to buildings and cemeteries.

The National Weather Service reported winds in excess of 100 miles per hour, but could not confirm any tornadoes within the storm cell.

Planters Electric Membership Corporation reported that approximately 2,500 of its consumers were without power following the storm on Sunday. By 10 a.m. Monday, power had been restored to all but 250-300.

This home located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 25 South and East Old Savannah Road sustained substantial damage.
Rosemary Baptist Church was hard hit by the storm. (Staff photos by Deborah Bennett)
West Old Savannah Road was blocked for several hours by downed trees and power lines.
This mobile home on West Old Savannah Road was turned upside down by the storm.
Occupants of this mobile home, located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 25 and State Route 23, said trees came crashing through the bedroom just after they moved into the front of the home.
This home on Lewis Church Road had the siding ripped off its front by the storm.
Oak Hill Baptist Church and its cemetery suffered damage.

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