2008-06-18 / School News

JCHS offers special courses next term

Jenkins County High School (JCHS) is excited about course offerings for the 2008-09 school term. According to Ruth H. Hearn, guidance counselor, Swainsboro Technical College (STC) is returning to the JCHS campus next year to offer four different programs.

The welding program, patient care assisting, criminal justice and phlebotomy will be available for 11th and 12th grade students who have scored in the eligible range on their ASSET test. Students who take these courses will be joint enrolled with STC and upon passing the courses will receive high school credit and college credit. When students com- plete the program of study, they will also receive a STC diploma or certificate as well as their JCHS diploma upon their graduation from JCHS.

Juniors or seniors who have taken the SAT or ACT and scored within range will have the opportunity to take college courses through an ACCEL Program either at East Georgia College (EGC) or Georgia Southern University (GSU). These students would actually commute to the college campus for those courses. JCHS has many students who take English 101 and 102 as well as College Algebra and other courses. Students who take advantage of these courses many times will already be sophomore status at college when they graduate from the high school. The great thing about the STC classes, the GSU courses and the EGC courses is that HOPE picks up the bill for the students.

Many students do not want to jump into college classes while still in high school, but would like the opportunity to engage in more challenging courses than just their high school curriculum. In that case, there are Advanced Placement Courses these students can take on-line in the computer lab at the high school at no cost to the student, and never have to leave the high school campus. At the end of the AP course, students sit for an AP Exam offered by the College Board. If the student scores within a certain range on that exam, the AP class could also be accepted by many colleges and the student would receive college credit for the class.

Many students have already registered for several of these courses for next school term; however, Dr. Kirkland, principal of JCHS, encourages parents of juniors or seniors who did not get registered for the classes and would like their child to enroll in the courses to please call the high school at 982-4791 to get registered.

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