2008-06-18 / Columns

Syl-View Happenings

By Betty Scarborough

Our Career Nursing Assistants were honored on a recent Thursday, as we celebrated "Hats Off" to those who have served over 10 years. Ours range from 13 to 39 years. These are the men and women who provide the hands-on care for our residents. Ruth Golff, licensed practical nurse from Millen, serves as supervisor for all our nursing assistants. We will honor all our assistants next week.

Opal Hall, mother of David Hall, was one of the sponsors for the June birthday celebration. All residents were invited to this special event. The table was lined with decorated cakes as we traveled to "Birthday Land" for our armchair travel. We recognized all of those born in June.

We also celebrated the 25th anniversary of our administrator, Toni R. Ellison, as a member of our staff. We appreciate her years of faithful service.

Lee Baker, a one-man band, entertained as he played the keyboard and sang. There were ice cream, birthday cake, balloons and banners for this festive occasion.

Our Grand Ole Opry celebration was great as the members of the Junior Woman's Club dressed alike in printed shirts and black cowboy hats. They served cookies and lemonade after the musical show, which was presented with Glen Walden as the master of ceremonies. He introduced Jody Wood and his musical group. Jody is the son of resident Anne Wood. Then Glen entertained, followed by Vicki Bragg. Vicki is our director of nurses, and she sang Patsy Cline songs, dressed in a black fringed skirt and jacket. Other entertainers were Nancy Schriner, one of our volunteers, who sang. It was a special event, and we are proud to have the Sylvania Junior Woman's Club as our partner. Thanks to all who attended.

On a recent Tuesday, Doug and Nancy Schriner presented a sermon in song for our worship services.

We had to move our Garden Club meeting inside, due to the hot weather. We were able to cut flowers from the courtyard for the discussion, as we recalled the flowers blooming in the courtyard in spite of the hot, dry weather.

Our days are filled with fun and times of remembering our past and being thankful for our present.

Our carts are filled with fresh vegetables and flowers, and items to touch, smell and sometimes taste, as we are enjoying sensory stimulation. And, there is music to hear and to recall yesteryear.

Remember us in prayer, and visit us soon.

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