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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Jenkins County observed another successful Patriotic Celebration on Saturday night, July 3rd. Thankfully, rain was not a threat this year, and Jenkins County citizens came out in record numbers to visit, eat, listen to the music and see the spectacular fireworks show.

The community always comes together to make this event possible. Clay Boulineau and his staff took care of numerous details necessary to stage a public event; Wade Parker and the Lions Club provided the flags for decoration; the Jenkins County Recreation Department permitted us to use the facilities.

Our local elected officials contributed to the program: Mayor King Rocker and county commission board member Pam Dwight. Other local citizens were generous with their time and talent: Colonel Wade and JROTC presented the colors; Leroy Clayton and Will Gay performed patriotic music. Joe Sasser provided the sound system and served as DJ and master of ceremonies for the evening.

The fireworks are always the big attraction. The financial contributors who made the show possible were Millen Loan and Finance; Thompson's Corner; Planters EMC; James L. Alfriend, Foresters; Parker Engineering; Jenkins County Farm Bureau; The Dairy Queen; Linder Pharmacy; The Millen News; W. R. Toole Engineers, Inc.; Georgia Power; Team Insurance; Dr. Kyle Gay; R. H. Reeves, Attorney; Bobby Dwelle; Jenkins County Probate Office; Christy Bandy; Seth Benson; Millen City Council; and the Jenkins County Commissioners.

The support and cooperation from everyone was outstanding.
Art Johnson
Millen Better Hometown

Dear Editor:

If you have been on Cotton Avenue lately, you couldn't help but notice all the construction. It seems like a lot of roads are torn up in Millen right now. Unemployment rates continue to be high; the economy struggles to improve; businesses have closed. Yet, the construction is happening in the midst of it.

I, for one, am excited. This will be my sixth Christmas at The Charm Barn, and I am looking forward to it. Many economists say, "Now is the time to expand." I am taking them at their word. Things may look dim, but I choose to look on the bright side. Soon, we will have new sidewalks, green space and lamp posts. My hope is that there will also be new and renewed interest in our special hometown.
Terri Reeves

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