2009-12-09 / Front Page

City supports neighborhood watch program

By Deborah Bennett Millen News Editor

A neighborhood watch program could be an effective tool in fighting crime in residential areas of the city. Millen City Council proposed the idea during its November meeting to a local resident who was seeking increased police patrols in his neighborhood.

City manager Lamar Faircloth and public safety director Dwayne Herrington explained that the Millen Police Department was patrolling in the neighborhood as much as possible, considering personnel limitations. It was suggested that the resident meet with Mr. Faircloth and Mr. Herrington to discuss the possibility of setting up a neighborhood watch program in the neighborhood.

Following a discussion of the matter, council approved a change order for the Cotton Avenue construction project that would replace the sidewalk on the railroad side of the street from just below Cindy’s CafĂ© on Cotton to Gray Street.

Dec. 5 was approved as the date of the annual Christmas in Millen festivities sponsored by the Millen-Jenkins County Chamber of Commerce and Millen Better Hometown.

Due to a lack of a motion, no action was taken on a previous request from family members of former Mayor Robert Fries who asked that something in the city be named in his honor.

City Manager Faircloth reported that the East Georgia Central Consortium had approved four program positions for the city for a period of 90 days. The salaries for the positions will be paid by the consortium. He also noted that due to the illness of the Municipal Court Judge, attorney Evelyn Hubbard had been hired to conduct court. Other actions taken by council included the following: • Approved a resolution pertaining to records destruction; • Approved an intergovernmental agreement with Screven County regarding the use of their Animal Control Officer; and • Adopted new Occupation Tax Schedule.

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