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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

They say a mother will go to any length to protect her young. That is why I am writing this story.

First and foremost, I am in no way, shape or form making any excuses for my son, but the public deserves to know the truth, not the truth that the sheriff’s department tried to paint by making a good young man look like some big criminal in The Millen News last week.

My son is guilty of going into a home and purchasing “two” pills. Nobody saw these pills, and nobody saw him enter or exit this home, but because he was honest and told our sheriff that he had done this, he was charged with Possession of a Schedule II (2) Narcotic. On its own, this charge is bad enough, and my son will have to face the consequences of his actions.

The Sheriff’s Department decided to send to The Millen News a “Possession and Distribution” charge as if my son was selling drugs. I called and spoke to Deputy Griner and was told “buying and selling falls under distribution.” Well, that just isn’t true. According to Webster’s the word “distribution” means “the act or process of distributing.” I guess it probably is confusing for our law officials since they are not use to bringing charges on the drug dealers, which is really what this story is about.

This certainly isn’t the first time a young person with a problem ends up being made the criminal in this community. Why don’t they concentrate on all the people that are selling the drugs to our kids? It is a shame when all the law officials know that kids can pull up to any number of homes in this community and place an order for drugs as if they are pulling up to the drive in window at the local burger joint. They know where these homes are. Here is a clue...spend your time arresting the dealers so the many young people of this town won’t have anywhere to buy the drugs instead of trying to get your name in the paper like you have cleaned up something in our community!

What is going to happen to our future generations? And as far as all the charges that have been brought on Durell Powell for robbing a drug dealer, I say, “Good for him!” How pathetic it is that we live in a community where a drug dealer can call the sheriff’s department and make a report that someone has stolen his drugs. A “kidnapping” charge for forcing a drug dealer to move from room to room in his house to look for drugs? Are you serious?
Donna Bramblett

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