2010-01-13 / Memoriam

In loving memory of Charles Watson Lanier Sr.

July 9, 1931 - Jan. 12, 2008

It has been two long years since you have been gone to your
Heavenly Home,
And it seems like only yesterday, and I am still so alone.
The days and nights are lonely without you, dear,
And you are so much in my soul, I still can’t let you go.
I know that you are at peace and rest, no more pain and suffering,
And they say that time heals all sorrow and that might be true.
But time so far has only proved how much I miss you.
I think of you in silence. No one may see me weep,
But many silent tears are shed while others are asleep.
Each time I look at your pictures, you seem to smile,
And say, “Don’t worry, my dear, we’ll be together again someday.”

You are still the love of my life, and I will meet you one day,
When God says it’s okay; which helps me to be able,
To carry on until we meet again in our Heavenly Home.
I still miss you and love you and no one can ever take your place.
My best friend, my husband, sadly missed!

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