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Sheriff warns about illegal dumping

Dumping tires illegally is punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000. (Photo contributed) Dumping tires illegally is punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000. (Photo contributed) Jenkins County Sheriff Robert Oglesby asks that all Jenkins County citizens be aware of the problem of illegal dumping of tires within the county.

Tires are being dumped along side roads, in or around dumpsters, in vacant lots, in alleys and perhaps in your favorite river or pond. Sometimes it’s one or two, sometimes 10 or 12, and sometimes 20 or more. It’s called “midnight dumping” or “ fly dumping” or “ wildcat dumping.” And when one or two start a pile, more will be dumped soon. Cleaning up these nuisance piles is time consuming and expensive; moreover, just as one gets cleaned up, it seems another gets started someplace else.

Tire piles, legal or illegal, pose at least two health threats: pests and fire. Many disease carrying pests flourish in tire piles. Chief culprit is the many kinds of mosquitoes that prefer to breed in the quiet, stagnant water that collects inside tires. In addition to being the normal pests that all mosquitoes are, several of these varieties can carry deadly diseases, including encephalitis and dengue fever. Control and eradication programs, short of removing the pile, are difficult.

Fire presents a second threat. Scrap tire fires are difficult to extinguish, and can burn for considerable periods, releasing heavy black smoke and possibly contaminating the soil with an oily residue. This can cause serious damage to the environment. Tire stock pile fires start either as a result of arson or accident; tire stock piles do not spontaneously combust.

Anti-litter laws and anti-tire dumping laws have been passed by the state legislature with very stiff penalties to be imposed by the courts. To avoid this, obey the laws.

For private citizens, tires should be taken to the Jenkins County Landfill during regular landfill business hours and placed in the proper area for disposal. The fee for passenger car and small to medium duty pickup truck tires is only $ 1.50 per tire. The fee for large truck tires is only $ 7 per tire.

Sheriff Oglesby said, “ I would rather see our citizens abide by the law and do what they should with their waste tires. Even though there is a fee for disposal, it is so much less expensive than the $ 1,000 maximum fine for illegally dumping them. Please cooper- ate with us on this and save our county a lot of money for the clean-up of this mess and save yourself the expensive fines.”

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