2013-01-30 / Letters

Dear Editor:

The Ogeechee River Project and I seem to have aroused some animosity with people connected to King Finishing. Let me clear the air. Our project is unedited, true stories about the Ogeechee River before 1983 by the people who lived there. This dye plant is in Screven County and we are not part of any of these massive Federal and State suits.

Our project is a good shepherd of the river. We keep abreast of what’s happening. Judge Turner has already ruled that this plant’s discharge was unlawful. The EPD reissued an order for this plant to continue. All of this has brought on all these massive lawsuits. The damage this plant has caused must be paid for. Since EPD is in these suits, will that mean that our tax dollars will be added to those payments?

Butch Joiner, Millen, GA

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