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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The citizens of Jenkins County who attended the “Eggs and Issues” breakfast on Feb. 23, 2013 were treated to the “best and worst” of our political system.

The best was “citizen legislators” meeting with their constituents and answering questions about taxes, education, budgets and the conditions at Magnolia springs State Park. These people have a tremendously difficult job to do and give their time in service to the county, state and country.

The worst was that with all of the economic problems and joblessness we have in our county, state and nation, some politicians assume they are smarter than their voters and community leaders. When asked a question about what reforms were necessary to insure that Social Security and Medicare would be available for our children and grandchildren, the answer given was that Social Security is fine; curing diabetes will save Medicare; and curing Alzheimer’s will save Medicaid. While I agree these are admirable goals, I am not sure anyone at the breakfast could accomplish them and the answer did not address the question.

These three programs alone will “bankrupt” our country if not addressed in the near future. I am sure our elected officials know that. Hopefully, our political leaders can meaningfully address reforms soon rather than waiting for a crisis which could cripple our economy.

Sincerely, Hiller Spann
Millen, Georgia

Dear Editor:

The Ogeechee project with Jerry Hagans of the Good Shepherds has now reached the ocean. We have learned many things about this once great river, like giant fish, 12 foot gators, oldest pine tree, baby panthers, bears, old ferries, untouched river estates, old rail and road towns and many others.

We meet with organizations, talk with friends of the river and write many letters in our research.

Last Tuesday week, a couple of professional artists came on board. They will paint the people of the river, scenes and the wildlife. One will go from Green County to Ossabaw Sound. The other artist is also a distinguished, published writer. With her and my editor of another project, we are blessed with gifted writers.

As we now go north, Dale will lead the way from Millen to Midville and Louisville.

This is living documentary; the ones that give their stories will be read by generations to come.

Thanks. Butch Joiner
Millen, Georgia

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