2013-04-24 / ChatterBox

The Chatter Box

By Deborah Bennett

Once again our nation and its citizens have become targets of terrorism. The Boston Marathon tragedy last week is a sobering reminder that we can no longer consider ourselves safe anywhere – not at our homes, places of employment, schools, churches, movie theaters, hospitals, vehicles or public gatherings! All out war between nations is horrific enough, but to target unsuspecting, innocent people as they go about their daily lives in familiar surroundings is beyond comprehension or explanation. It is a cowardly, perverted crime, designed to strike fear and anxiety into our very hearts. Those who perpetrate such crimes, however, do not know the American people very well. The dastardly deeds only serve to strengthen our resolve to bring to justice those responsible and to reach out to the innocent affected by them. Amid the terrible tragedy, stories of heroism and perseverance unfold. We stand the tallest in the face of tragedy and we always will! As I write this column, one suspect has been killed in a shoot-out with law enforcement and another is being sought. I sincerely hope that by the time this column is published, those responsible for the Boston tragedy will have been apprehended.

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Happy birthday this week to: Chris landing, Cheryl Adams, Shae Burke, Debra Perryman, Evelyn Shackelford, Krissi Lane, Keith lee, Reanna Glisons, Ellen Heron, Kelsey Fleming and Cindy Bragg.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries are: Mr. and Ms. Matthew Goodwin, Mr. and Ms. Dwayne Herrington and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Weathersby III.

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