2014-03-19 / Letters


Dear Editor,

In reference to Mr. Salter’s letter last week, he stated that he could read the front page of The Millen News for free at the grocery store check out, and then there was no need to purchase the paper. But surprisingly, he keeps purchasing.

Well, a newspaper is a lot like your TV. If you don’t like what you see on your TV, you can turn it off, or just never turn it on. It’s your choice. So, Mr. Salter, why don’t you keep your three quarters and, instead, buy that “versatile” roll of colorful paper towels you mentioned.

And I’m saddened that you’re “grouchy” and not happy, but it’s not the responsibility of any newspaper to make you happy. Being happy is up to you, your friends, your family, your church or any hobbies you may have.

But we do share one point of agreement concerning your suggestion that the paper start a new feature entitled “Mystery of the Universe.” I sincerely believe that you are especially gifted and uniquely qualified to be in charge of anything with the word mystery in it. Sincerely, Mike Reese Millen, GA

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