2014-10-01 / School News


Monday, Oct. 6 – Spaghetti or sweet and sour chicken/
rice; choices: whole kernel corn, oriental vegetables,
apple, pineapple.
Tuesday, Oct. 7 – Hot dog or chili/saltines; choices: oven
fries, orange, applesauce, peach cobbler.
Wednesday, Oct. 8 – Baked chicken w/wheat roll or
peanut butter and jelly sandwich; choices: creamed
potatoes, green beans, banana, sliced pears.
Thursday, Oct. 9 – Turkey/cheese wrap/chips or nacho
chips/cheese sauce: choices: refried beans, steamed
broccoli, strawberries, mandarin oranges, salsa.
Friday, Oct. 10 – Chicken filet on bun or ham and cheese
slider/Graham crackers; choices: sweet potato pattie,
apple, sliced peaches, dill pickle.
Served daily – Raisins, garden salad, milk.

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