2015-07-08 / Front Page

BOE approves 20 diplomas under HB91

By Deborah Bennett

The Jenkins County Board of Education recently approved 20 diplomas for former students of Jenkins County High School (JCHS) under provisions of HB91.

The Bill, approved by Gov. Nathan Deal in March, has a provision that allows previous Georgia high school students who have taken the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT), its predecessor, or the Georgia High School Writing Tests (GHSWT) and failed to receive a diploma solely for failing to achieve a passing score on one or more portions of these tests, to petition their local board of education for eligibility to receive a high school diploma. Additionally, HB91eliminates passing the GHSGT as a requirement to receive a high school diploma.

The Georgia Board of Education abolished the GHSGT as a requirement for high school graduation in 2011. However, the rule did not extend to students who had failed the test before that year.

“I’m excited about the passage of HB 91 and its impact on former Jenkins County students. HB 91 makes it possible for these students to get their high school diploma so they can move on to potentially brighter futures. We've been receiving requests and processing them every month since the bill was passed,” said Jenkins County School Superintendent Tara Cooper.

Students of JCHS who did not receive their diplomas as a result of not passing the GHSGT, its predecessor, or GHSWT may apply for a diploma via a petition form available at JCHS through Mrs. Ruth Hearn, Counselor.

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