2015-07-08 / Other Jenkins News

New guidelines in place affecting for-hire drivers

Department of Driver Services (DDS) announced today that new safety guidelines are in place affecting all for-hire drivers operating in Georgia -- including limousine chauffeurs, ride share networks/drivers and taxi drivers. House Bill 225, passed during the most recent session of the Georgia General Assembly, outlines new state mandated background requirements for these drivers.

Beginning July 1st, all for-hire drivers have an option to complete the background process through DDS and obtain a for-hire driver’s license endorsement or pursue a private background check through their company.

Customers choosing to apply for a for-hire driver endorsement through the existing DDS process must complete and submit the application and supporting documentation via the Agency’s secure website: www.dds.ga.gov. For both returning and new applicants for a for-hire driver endorsement, this web-based feature enables customers to make an application online, submit all required documents and monitor the application status.

To view House Bill 225, which was created to protect riders as well as drivers regarding passenger safety and insurance coverage in the for-hire transportation industry, which includes taxis and limousines, visit http:// www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/en-US/Display/ 20152016/HB/225.

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