2016-01-13 / ChatterBox

The Chatter Box

By Deborah Bennett

Oh boy, I really feel like Minnie Pearl of Grand Ole Opry fame this morning!

I just discovered a couple of stick-on tags on the back of a new pair of jeans I’m wearing that I didn’t remove before I left the house and it’s mid-morning. I’ve been wearing them around town everywhere! Gosh! How many tags do they put on clothing nowadays? I know I removed four “string” tags before I put the jeans on.

And speaking of removing the tags, it is no easy task any more. The plastic strings that hold the tags are just about impossible to cut with anything but a chain saw. And, when you do cut them, part of the strings get stuck in the garment and it takes a magnifying glass and lots of patience to find and remove them. Then, you have to play detective because there are stick-on tags in places you would never expect to find them.

However, what’s really aggravating is when the clerk overlooks a “theft-proof” tag that you can’t remove at home. (But, then, I can’t blame the clerk. If I can’t find all the tags, I can’t expect her to do it either.) When I find one of those things, I just consider myself lucky that the alarm didn’t go off as I exited the store! Of course, there’s a trip back to the store to get the tag removed - with proof of purchase so that I’m not accused of stealing the garment.

Minnie Pearl might have had the right idea. Just leave the tags on. It could be the start of a new fashion trend. After all, “anything” seems to be acceptable in the fashion world today!

Happy birthday this week to: Martha Ann Hayes, Ethelene Young, Sydney Hooks, Linda Fuller, Susan Brown, Glynn Bassett Jr., Jessica Herrington, Matt Wallace, Dee Dailey, Jaylee Bennett, Sharon Robbins Jenkins, Dean Brinson, Iesha Williams, Terry Thompson and Ernestine Miller.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries are: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oliver and Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Sampson.

Military Active Duty

Col. James Eldridge Davis, U.S. Air Force, DoD Pentagon, Washington D.C.; TSgt. Jeremy M. Chestnut, U.S. Air Force, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS; CPT Justin G. McBride, U.S. Army, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas; Chief Warrant Officer 5 Darryll L. Simpkins, U.S. Army, Fort Gordon Logistics Readiness Center, Augusta, GA; Staff Sgt. Stuart Burrus, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-4 Christopher Simmons, U.S. Army, Missouri; E-3 Ralphael Franklin Lovett, U.S. Army, Kuwait; E-4 Rhonda Lovett, U.S. Army Reserve, Augusta, GA; Airman First Class Aaron Comstock, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; CSSN Bailey Alsobrooks, U.S. Navy, Supply, S-2, Sasebo, Japan; PV2 She’nice Thompson, U.S. Army, 447th Charlie Company, South Korea; and Major D. Slade Burke, U.S. Air Force, 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom.

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