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Petition for Liquor Referendum

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

T.J. Shah, owner of Cash Now convenience store, is attempting to get signatures on a petition asking for a “Liquor Referendum” to be voted upon at the same time as the May General Primary Election or the November General Election.

If he is successful, the referendum would allow qualified registered voters in the City of Millen the opportunity of voting “yes” or “no” to the sale of packaged distilled spirits (liquor store) within the city limits. Only electors residing in the City of Millen are eligible to sign the petition and only city electors would be eligible to vote on the Referendum.

Jenkins County Election Superintendent Wanda Burke said that approximately 560 signatures are needed. She also noted that anyone who is not already a City of Millen registered voter may register at the office of the Jenkins County Registrar at the Jenkins County Courthouse.

“If timely registered, they would then be eligible to sign the petition, vote on the Referendum and vote in the Presidential Preference Primary, Primary Election, General Election and other elections,” said Mrs. Burke.

Mr. Shah said he has no desire to create a controversy with local churches or anyone else with his petition efforts.

“The revenue is currently going out of the county. This would help the city and county because the sales would generate more revenue for the city and county. Let’s just vote on it and get it over with,” Mr. Shah said.

He also said that several other businesses within the city have indicated their support for his efforts.

Anyone who is a registered voter in the

City of Millen may sign the petition at

Cash Now, 1063 E. Winthrope Avenue,

Millen. Anyone who is unable to come by the business should call Mr. Shah at 982-2274 and someone will bring the petition to the caller for their signature. Mr. Shah is asking that anyone desiring to sign the petition do so by Feb. 17th.

Mrs. Burke indicated that in order to have the Referendum voted upon at the same time as the May General Primary Election, the petition with required signatures would need to be presented sometime in March. To have the Referendum voted upon at the same time as the November General Election, the petition and signatures would need to be presented sometime in July.

Should the required number of signatures be collected, voting on the Referendum would take place at the City of Millen Municipal Building with only registered city voters being eligible to vote. City electors would also have to vote at their regular county polling places for the General Primary Election or General Election.

“It would be two separate elections,” Mrs. Burke said.

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