2016-07-20 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When – This Day in in 1942

Pal Theater will admit each person bringing an old tire or tube or five pounds of old scrap rubber free at the Tuesday matinee to see Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHaivalland in “They died with their boots on.” Uncle Sam needs rubber for war purposes. Search your homes and bring all your scrap rubber to the Pal Theater on Tuesday. Old rubber shoes, heels, water bottles, toys, gloves, balls, water hoses, etc.can be used to supplement the nation’s rubber supply.

Your second auto use stamp is now available at the Post Office. This one will cost you $5. Official use of the stamp begins July 1st and lasts for one year.

Members of the Senate Military Committee expressed the opinion that most “family men” – those with dependent wives and children – could feel fairly certain of not being drafted for military service anytime this year.

Dr. Q.A. Mulke was called to Florida by the critical illness of Mrs. Will Mulkey. Mrs. Euley Mulkey of Sardis accompanied him.

Mosquito breeding control is initiated at Magnolia Springs State Park. Mayor Walter Harrison acting for the City of Millen has made it possible to do this mosquito control by providing the necessary materials and labor.

Local merchants have been notified by the Jenkins County Rationing Board that their price lists of cost of living commodities must be filed at the office of Price Administration by July 1st. Any merchant failing to comply with this regulation will subject themselves to prosecution by Federal courts.

The Jenkins County quota for June was for the sale of $15,600 of war bonds and stamps. With only one week to go the county has barely reached the halfway mark. The July quota will be somewhat larger than June and our people who have the means to buy these bonds should do so at once. Those who have promised to buy stamps and bonds in smaller amounts should fulfill their promised immediately.

The National Selective Headquarters Service announced this week that 3 million youths 18, 19 and 20 years of age who register for the draft next Tuesday will be given their order numbers on the basis of their birth dates instead of by holding another national lottery.

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