2016-07-27 / School News

Jenkins County

Bus Routes 2016-2017

Bus # 05-20; Driver-Andy Allen; Monitor, Jesse Cosby; Service Area – W. Old Savannah Road, Hwy. 121, Hwy 23 , Ivey S Lane Rd., Elam Rd, Hwy 17, Amanda Stephens Sub Division.

Bus # 10-20; Driver-Shirley Newton; Monitor, Miriam Johnson’ Service Area - Hilltop, Perkins, Rabitsch Road, Hiltonia Road, Saxon Road, Hwy. 25 N, Hwy. 23 N, Sylvania Rd, Lovett Hill.

Bus # 95-3; Driver-Charles Anfield; Service Area – Hwy. 25 S., Millen Villas, Old Waynesboro Rd, Foggy Field, Special runs.

Bus # 02-19; Driver – Sandra Wadley; Riverquest Students.

Bus # 07-36; Driver-Linda K Jackson; Service Area - Joe Waters Road, Butts, Turner Road, W. Elam Road, Thrift, Old Garfield Road, Gam Gay Road, Hwy 23 S, Charlie Lane Road, Turner Road.

Bus # 00-57; Driver-Cecil Walters; Service Area – Hwy. 121 to Elam, Langston Drive, Franks Way, Joy Drive, Regan Drive, Edgar Lane Road, Brannen Road, Stacey Road, Joe Waters Road (Hwy. 121) Lans Lane, Wildcat Branch Road, Melissa Drive.

Bus # 97-6; Driver-Geniese Carter; Service Area - Brown Avenue, Herndon Street, Williams Ave, Ivey S Lane Road, Sparrow Trail, Lewis Church Road, Jesus Avenue, Gin House Branch.

Bus #99-5; Driver-Linda Jenkins; Service Area - Speedy Sapp Road, Sherry’s Lane, Daisy Lane, Barfield Road, Boone Road, Chance Road, Hwy. 25 N, Parrish Burke Road, Azalea Trail, Teresa Street

Bus #06-24; Driver-Rochelda Frison; Service Area – Hwy. 25 S., Live Oak Drive, Bay Gall Road, Jesse Aycock Circle, Jackson Williams Road, Newton Ag, Womack Trailer Park, Carlton Road, Fox Lane

Bus #98-28; Driver-Mike Dann; Service Area - Perkins Hiltonia Road, Beaver Dam, Hiltonia Road, Chance Saxon Road, Godbee Road, Horse Creek Road (Hiltonia Road). Rabitsch Road, N. Masonic St, Barney Avenue (from high school to Masonic).

Bus #00-56; Driver-Nell Simmons; Reeves Street, Pine Avenue, Hilltop, Belt Avenue, Lovetts Hill, S Masonic Street, Ross Avenue, Edenfield Avenue, Millen Villas; Edenfield Apts, Kingsridge Drive at Masonic St, Recreation Drive.

Bus #92-29; Driver-Rosa Holley; Service Area - Neal Avemue, Johnson Street, Buckhead Road, Foggy Field, Drexal Avenue (from Buckhead Road thru Foggy Field), Gumlog Avenue, Palmer Row, McComb Drive, Mae Court, Josh Court, Jennifer Lane, MLK Avenue.

Bus #01-8; Driver-Jewell Williams; Service Area - Oak Hill Church Road, Buttermilk Road, Kelsey Road, BB Lane, Dickey Road, Five Points Road, Pecan Dr, Big Horse Creek Road, Dairy Road, Dixie Crescent Drive, Hill Street, Tanglewood Drive, Library, Woodrum Lane.

Bus #93-9; Driver -Tamia Lovett; Service Area - Old Sylvania Road at Winthorpe Avenue, Walnut Street, Kids Corner, Hendrix Street, Cleveland Avenue, Corbett Street, Toby Drive, Wasden Street, Old Waynesboro Road, Wood Lane, Railroad Avenue, Ada Drive; Cotton Avenue (PM), Holmes Drive, Grant Avenue, Plum Avenue, Morningside Circle, Landrum Drive (MS/HS).

Bus #01-34; Driver-Janice Morris; Service Area – Bennett’s Landing Road, Ed Lewis Road, West Old Savannah Road Cypress Creek Road, Mt Olive Church Road, Alabama Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, Riverview Avenue, Park Avenue, S. Gray Street, Bethany Home, Morning MS/HS students to High School.

Bus #07-37; Driver – Max Snelling; Service Area - Johnson Gay Road, Hwy. 121 (from Elam), Joe Stephens Road, Payne Chapel Road, R Y Lanier Road, Claxton Chicken House Road, Womack Trailer Park.

Bus #07-38; Driver-James Ford; Service Area - Green Fork Church Road, Big Tree Road, Hwy. 23 N, Rock Branch Road, Godbee Road, Needful Church Road, Tarrymore Plantation, Bay Street, Perkins Greenfork Road.

Bus #00-1; Driver-Mathew Roberson; Service Area - South Herndon Road, Morris Road, Alma Road, Birdsville Road, Chew Mill Road, N. Hwy. 17, Rogers Landing Road, Finch Trailer Park, Kayley Drive, Drexal Avenue, N Jones Plantation Road.

Bus #14-92; Driver-Pat Sapp; Service Area - Emma Lane, Fountain Springs Road, Cypress Creek Road, Lane Road, Thomas Road, Rosemary Church Road, Kids Estate, Old Waynesboro Road to Barney Avenue (Elementary Only).

Bus #02-35; Driver-Wendy Waters; Service Area - Old Sylvania Road, Paramore Hill Road, Oak Hill Church Road (Scarboro) Hwy. 17 S., Clayton Road, Georgianne Drive, Parker Estates, Afternoon Elem Students to High School.

Bus #06-18; Driver-Johnny Oglesby; Service Area - Old Perkins Road, Academy Drive, Perkins, Magnolia Church Road, Wiggins Road, Perkins Road, Sandy Ridge, Oak Circle, Frison Road, Royal Road, Morning MS/HS students to MS/HS.

Bus #15-26; Driver-Kenny Williams; Service Area - Old Lousiville Road, Charlie Jones Road, Old Midville Road, Annora Drive, Edward Drive, Terri Drive, Gayle Drive, Warren Street, Tarver Street, Washington Street, Palmer Row, Gilmer Street, Lincoln Park.

Bus #98-25; Driver-Lotice Reed; Service Area - East Old Savannah Road, Marie Road, Forest Lane, Williams Road, 4 H, Taylor Road, Landrum Drive (PM), Aaron Road.

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