2017-03-15 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1980!

Jenkins County voters cast their votes in Presidential Preference Primary Election for Jimmy Carter.

Johnny C. Pope, a Jenkins County native, is named County Executive Director for the ASCS office in Millen.

Piggly Wiggly advertises pork chops for 99 cents lb.; picnic hams, 69 cents lb.; can of salmon, $1.49; gallon of milk, 79 cents; 5 lbs. flour, 89 cents; and 20 oz. bread, 99 cents.

Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals advertises: full service, fertilizers, chemicals, seeds, feeds, and farm supplies. Jeff Forshee, Manager; Edward L. Lewis, Salesman; and Cynthia G. Bragg and Christine Dailey, clerks.

Bank of Millen breaks ground on new building to be located at 415 E. Cotton Avenue. The bank has been located at its present location, 125 West Cotton Avenue, since 1893.

Jon Phillip Spiers is named runner-up in the state-wide STAR student program.

Plans begin formulating for Diamond Jubilee celebration for Jenkins County. The purpose of the meeting is to plan the celebration of the county’s 75th birthday. Wallace Edenfield is chairman of the committee.

Retha Lynn Johnson is crowned Junior Miss of Buckhead Academy. She is a sixth grade student at the school.

Rosa Reese and Amy Leonard are chosen Princesses at the Jenkins County Middle School FHA Beauty Pageant.

Ogeechee Valley Bank advertises “new faces” – Truett Spivey, Harry Pittman, Barbara Gay, Montell Lanier, Jeff Aaron, Jackie Moore, Paula Adams, Beth Wasden, Elaine Brown, Elizabeth Elmore, Lee Harrell, Kaye Tapley and Bonnie Gay.

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