2017-03-22 / ChatterBox

The Chatter Box

By Deborah Bennett

My husband and I recently enjoyed a trip to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry with my sister and brother-in-law, Rhonda and Ronnie Hendley. If I said we had a good time – that would be an understatement. We had a great time!

The only problem we encountered was that it took us “awhile” to realize that Nashville is in a different time zone – Central Time Zone – which is an hour behind ours – Eastern Time Zone. We didn’t figure it out until a call home was made. Then, to add to the confusion, we had to set the clocks up an hour for Daylight Savings Time on Saturday night and set them back again an hour on Sunday when we crossed back into the Eastern Time Zone. So, don’t ask me how long the trip to Nashville took. I have no idea with all the time changes!

In addition to attending the Grand Ole Opry, we toured the Ryman Auditorium, walked along Music Row, and took a bus tour that showed us where numerous country music stars live. I’ve never seen a $5 million house until that tour! And to top it off, it even snowed while we were there!

Here’s a little advice to anyone planning to visit Nashville - take a shuttle or taxi to wherever it is that you want to go. It’s well worth the money spent to avoid the fight with traffic and trying to find a place to park. Just, hold on tight to something during the ride. The drivers seem to have trained on roller coasters! And take your watches off. It’s less confusing that way!

Happy birthday this week to: Janice Cheney, Joe Griffin, Beth Collins, Berandon Carroll, Jean Chester, Kathy Cannady, Amber Adams, Emily Sammons, Bernard Thompson, Baker Jenkins, Joe Bob Law, Bailey Brown, and Stacie Jackson.

Military Active Duty

Col. James Eldridge Davis, U.S. Air Force, DoD Pentagon, Washington D.C.; TSgt. Jeremy M. Chestnut, U.S. Air Force, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS; CPT Justin G. McBride, U.S. Army, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas; Chief Warrant Officer 5 Darryll L. Simpkins, U.S. Army, Fort Gordon Logistics Readiness Center, Augusta, GA; Staff Sgt. Stuart Burrus, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-4 Christopher Simmons, U.S. Army, Missouri; E-3 Ralphael Franklin Lovett, U.S. Army, Kuwait; E-4 Rhonda Lovett, U.S. Army Reserve, Augusta, GA; Airman First Class Aaron Comstock, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-5 She’nice Thompson, U.S. Army, 25th Sustainment Brigade, HHC 25th Special Troops Battalion, Wahiawa, Hawaii; and Major D. Slade Burke, U.S. Air Force, 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom.

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