2017-03-29 / Editorials

Mike Reese

“I was just thinking”

What I’m writing about today probably applies to everyone. Sometimes, or maybe many times, what you read in this space might not apply to you, or you’ve never seen it, or done it, or believe it. But today, I don’t believe you if you say that what you’re about to read never applies to you, even a little bit.

Who hasn’t left a needed repair undone for a week(s), a month(s), or maybe even a year(s). I’ll admit that I’ve procrastinated at times in repealing and replacing, I mean repairing and replacing “things” around the house. But I’ve also been “Johnny on the spot”, not delaying a needed repair. Maybe I’m remembering those times with a faulty memory.

A good example of my repair procrastination can be seen in my shower. That’s not an invitation to come in and take a look, but what happened is that the handle came off the hot water stem. The handle would spin, resulting in zero hot water. I’m not fond of cold water. I need hot water, lots of it. My quick fix for that pesky problem? I dug out my vice grip pliers, clamped them on the stem, and voila, I’ve got my hot water back. That was a couple of years ago. Vice grip style might become a shower trend. HGTV maybe? My wife says no.

And there’s my old Toyota Scion, still reliable at a couple hundred thousand miles. The cover over the exterior hatchback light broke off, hanging by a wire. Gorilla tape provided a temporary solution. That temporary solution has lasted for five years now. Temporary is a relative word to me. It’s on the back of the car, so I don’t have to be reminded of the problem. I think “out of sight, out of mind” would apply here.

Sometimes procrastination applies in other areas of my life. I’m talking about vacation purchases. My usual purchasing skills are sometimes diminished by salt air and margaritas. Appropriateness and usefulness are two attributes that I mostly leave at home when we head to a beachside town. I see a funny looking coconut with a funny monkey’s face painted on one side, I gotta have it. I’m especially bad about buying pictures and/or frames, with good intentions for their use when we return home, and I “put” them somewhere or other, planning to go through a shoe box one day to find the perfect photo for that perfect frame. And, sometimes, say two or three years later, I’ll actually dig the frame out and hang the thing.

A partial solution for my frame problem could be to just hang the frame as soon as I’m back home. And when I’m asked who that happy, good looking family romping in the surf is, you know, the frames that come with the stock pictures, with that always smiling, perfect family that exist only in Hobby Lobby’s frame department. “Oh, they’re our Hollywood movie star relatives who never visit us,” I’ll say.

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