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Portion of city’s solar project cancelled

A portion of the City of Millen’s solar project has been cancelled.

City Manager Jeff Brantley reported during a recent meeting of Millen City Council that after running a new cost analysis for the entire project, the Shed Panel Array for the three lift stations located at the city’s Waste Water Treatment Plant has been determined to not be cost effective and has been cancelled. Omitting this portion of the project will reduce the cost of the project by $102,711.09. Mr. Brantley indicated that the remainder of the project, which includes installing solar panels at two city wells, is proceeding on schedule.

Mr. Brantley also gave an update on the city’s Redevelopment Grant application through the Department of Community Affairs, noting that the Phase I environmental study has begun. The grant application will be submitted after the study is completed. The grant, if awarded, will be used to purchase and renovate “blighted” commercial buildings in the city. The buildings can then be sold or rented and those funds used for redevelopment of other buildings.

An EDA grant through the U.S. Department of Commerce that was to be used for the construction of a water tank/well has been declined due to the lack of job creation in the target area, Mr. Brantley said. However, the grant can be resubmitted should an industry creating jobs locate in the target area.

Council discussed and approved implementing a mobile work order system that can be utilized by all city departments. The system also has a Citizen Portal through which residents can report problems within the city. The cost is predicted to have a set up fee of $1,655, covering the first three months, and a $2,840 annual fee after that which includes all technical support. The system uses existing computers and phones, but the City will need to obtain 4-5 Android tablets through its mobile phone provider.

City attorney, Hubert Reeves III, discussed a proposed amendment to the City’s Charter. The amendment deletes language referencing “City Detention Center” since the city no longer operates a Detention Center. The amendment also increases the detention period from 90 days to match state statues which allows the Municipal Court to impose detention for periods not to exceed six months. Council approved advertisement of the amendment, after which time a vote will be taken to adopt the amendment.

Other actions taken by Council included: approved proposal submitted by Georgia Power for installation of new poles and street lights at the Barney Avenue overpass, next to the new school, with the funding coming from the General Fund; approved purchase of sewer grinder for prison sewer line in the amount of $18,495 from Franklin Miller, Inc.; approved the appointment of Mayor King Rocker, Council member Robin Scott and City Manager Brantley to serve on the Join City/ County Comprehensive Plan planning committee; and approved the bid for removal of bats from the Millen Community House from Ogeechee Nuisance Wildlife & Pest Solutions in the amount of $950.

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