2017-04-19 / Other Jenkins News

Bloodmobile to be here April 24th

Shepeard Community Blood Center is experiencing a critical and immediate need for blood donors with O Negative and O Positive blood. Critical need occurs when the quantity of transfusion-ready blood falls below a one-day supply.

The April 24th blood drive will be held on the bloodmobile at Optim Medical Center-Jenkins from 1-6 p.m. Those whose last donation was on or before February 27 can donate at this drive. Anyone who is healthy and well, weighs at least 110 pounds and are at least 17 years old, is invited to participate. Those 16 years old, may also donate with a signed parental consent form. Parental consent forms may be downloaded from shepeardblood.org and will also be available on the bloodmobile. Remember to drink lots of water the day before and eat a full meal at least one hour before donating. Please don’t forget to bring your Shepeard Blood Donor Card or picture ID with you.

Shepeard would like to thank the 31 heroes who answered the urgent call to donate during our March blood drive. The March blood drive had the highest turnout we’ve seen since July 2016. Twenty-eight life-saving units of blood were collected, saving 84 local lives! Thank you to the following people for rolling up their sleeves and giving selflessly: Angela M. Delay, Carrie T. Newton, Charles W. Lanier Jr., Darryl C. Drake, David H. Wiggins, David L. Waters, David W. Chance, Donico D. Allen, Elicia M. Holley-Molina, Frank R. Timmons, James D. Bethel, James Reese, Jane D. Johnson, Jill M. Clayton, Joseph R. Law, Kaelin A. Deal, Kevin J. Clarke, Lynn S. Burke, Patricia A. Allen, Paul J. Dieteman Iv, Ralph E. Conway, Robert A Reeves Jr., Robert L. Oglesby, Robin E. Rainey, Shanette A. Johnson, Sierra N. Suggs, Talmadge R. Harrison, Tamia G. Lovett, Thomas N. Barefiled, Wendy M. Waters and Yvonne L. Davis.

Achieving “Galloneer” were: 1 gallon – Kaelin Deal, Angela Delay, Darryl Drake, Carrie Newton; 2 gallons – Joseph Law; 3 gallons – Charles Lanier Jr. and 4 gallons – Allen Donico.

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