2017-04-26 / ChatterBox

The Chatter Box

By Deborah Bennett

I am so tempted to stop watching televised news broadcasts. I don’t want to go around with my head in the sand, but it is just so upsetting to hear every day about all of the atrocities that occur around the world. From terrorists’ attacks to shootings of police officers, school children and other innocent victims to natural disasters to various countries at war and threatening war, there is just no end to the violence and no sense to make from any of it.

A recent tragedy that captured national headlines was the murder of an elderly man which was posted by his killer on Facebook for a few hours before it was discovered and taken down. I don’t think anyone can get much “sicker” than that. My heart went out to the families of both the victim and the attacker as details of the incident were revealed.

The victim had the misfortune of walking along a road at the same time the attacker happened to pass by and randomly target him. The only defense he could offer was to hold up a plastic bag he was carrying as his attacker pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger. I cannot even imagine the fear he must have felt at that moment!

The attacker killed himself several days later when he was surrounded by law enforcement after being spotted by the public. So, I guess you say that justice prevailed in a way.

I have heard others say that our world seems to be spinning out of control. It may seem that way, but I know that God is always in control, regardless of the circumstances. And, so, I will continue to watch the news and remind myself on a daily basis of His presence and involvement in my life and world events.

Happy birthday this week to: Chris Landing, Cheryl Adams, Shae Burke, Betty Sasser, Davin Crews, Evelyn Shackelford, Krissi Lane, Keith Lee, Raeanna Glisson, Kelsey Fleming, Cindy Bragg, Ellen Heron, Kay Green, Brenda Dudley, Roger Brinson, Michael Pickett, and Sherri Sasser.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries are: Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Herrington and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Weathersby III.

Military Active Duty

Col. James Eldridge Davis, U.S. Air Force, DoD Pentagon, Washington D.C.; TSgt. Jeremy M. Chestnut, U.S. Air Force, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS; CPT Justin G. McBride, U.S. Army, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas; Chief Warrant Officer 5 Darryll L. Simpkins, U.S. Army, Fort Gordon Logistics Readiness Center, Augusta, GA; Tech Sgt. Stuart Burrus, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-4 Christopher Simmons, U.S. Army, Missouri; E-3 Ralphael Franklin Lovett, U.S. Army, Kuwait; E-4 Rhonda Lovett, U.S. Army Reserve, Augusta, GA; Airman First Class Aaron Comstock, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-5 She’nice Thompson, U.S. Army, 25th Sustainment Brigade, HHC 25th Special Troops Battalion, Wahiawa, Hawaii; and Major D. Slade Burke, U.S. Air Force, 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom.

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