2017-04-26 / Church News

Kelsey Chapel to host Community Youth Sunday

Seretha M. Sherrod Seretha M. Sherrod Community Youth Sunday will be observed at Kelsey Chapel Baptist church 11:30 a.m. April 30th. The theme will be “Onward and Upward with Youth. Seretha M. Sherrod will be the guest speaker. Infused with the power to attract any human being, Seretha can definitely be seen as the next most influential female entrepreneur of her time. This shining star has the drive to create a legacy for her family while she makes a difference in the world one interaction at a time. She is the daughter of SFC (Ret) Richard and Laretha Sherrod, formerly of Jenkins County, and was born and raised in Hephzibah, Ga. With a passion for life and helping others, Seretha strives to break the mold by uplifting others up believing in their dreams, aspirations and visions [sometimes before the individuals even believe in themselves. The former Miss Teen of Georgia has expanded her titles and platforms over the years by being an alumni of Valdosta State University and their former Miss Black and Gold 2010; as well as, she created and taught her own course called, “MultiCultural Diversity” at UB Paine College. She has also conquered the career fields of teaching, public relations, ghostwriting, and brand marketing. Astonishingly, Seretha has represented some top notch brands like Google, NASCAR, NFL Super Bowl, and OWN Network, etc. over the last five years. Currently, Ms.Sherrod travels around the United States as a product specialist, promotional model, and field manager. For fun, she likes explore other countries and learn the different cultures through experience. Nevertheless, her first love is always “service”! In her 26 years of living, she cannot think of a better way to spend her time than helping those around her. And since she never meets a stranger, there is always love and a helping hand to be spread around. Her current goal is to create her own brand marketing company called “Route 9590” to provide a spin on the industry by thinking outside the box. With her motto “Success has no exact time limit; just a mindset to put your potential into overdrive.” Seretha not only created this “quotes by semysh”, but she strives to make all of her quotes of inspiration one day be compared and well-known as the great Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and Nikki Giovanni just to name a few. “If you must leave a mark on this earth, make sure that you color it with neon stripes so that it stands strong with boldness, prosperity and flair.” –Semysh

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