2017-05-03 / Letters


Dear editor:

Remember when Millen had three hospitals? People came from neighboring counties to be treated in Millen. Now, we are to have not even one!

A few things having no hospital could mean to us: 1 – Fifty people jobless; 2 – Forget about an industry locating here if there is no hospital; 3 – Our “new resident” appeal is poor as is, the first thing possible residents want to know; other than if we have a Wal-mart, is about schools and hospital; 4 – Could it be that Bethany Home, Magnolia Springs State Park, the prison or Metal Industries would close? They all use our hospital; 5 – We would not need the Chamber of Commerce to search for industries or anything else if no hospital is here.

We have seemingly worked hard to please a few. We have received “grants” for this and that. They are not all free. We have increased taxes for one thing and another. We have a lovely, seldom used airport. We have a new school being built over a spring. We have a fabulous jail. We have 3-laned roads through town. Now, we need to join forces and get a hospital NOW. This is one thing we could ALL need. It’s a “life saver.”

Millen is a special place – great 4-laned highways in every direction, a real railroad facility, even though many complain about trains. We have so much to build on, and now, we need something else which should be top priority – a hospital. Let’s get going, Commissioners and citizens and do something! NOW!

Evelyn Gunn Young
Millen, GA

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