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Commissioners approve security measures at Courthouse

During a recent meeting of the Jenkins County Commissioners, the issue of security at the Jenkins County Courthouse was a topic of discussion.

County Administrator Grady Saxon presented architectural drawings of proposals for prisoner security, explaining each drawing. He recommended the drawing which indicated modifications to several rooms on the second floor of the courthouse. Sheriff Robert Oglesby was in agreement with the recommendation. Mr. Saxon stated that he was awaiting the approval of Judge William Woodrum and requested that the Commissioners vote to approve the recommendation. Tentative approval was given.

Jenkins County Probate Judge Wanda Burke discussed a proposed change in the polling locations for two City of Millen precincts. The commissioners approved a motion authorizing Mrs. Burke to use the Jenkins County Senior Citizen Center as a consolidated polling location instead of having separate locations at the Jenkins County Courthouse and the Jenkins County Elementary School. The Senior Center will be closed for normal activities on the day before each election and on election days.

County Attorney Troy Gay discussed the old Jaycees Clubhouse located on Hwy. 23 South, stating that the building has deteriorated to the point that it is considered a public nuisance. He noted that Jenkins County Tax Commissioner Tina Burke had agreed to generate a tax bill and place the property back on the tax digest. The Jaycees were under tax-exempt status and the regulations regarding the property stated that if the building ceased to be used by the Jaycees, it would revert back to the prior owners. Those owners were Gary Joiner, Emerson Gay and Ollie Lane, all of whom have deceased. Should the tax bill fail to be paid, the property would fall under a tax sale. The commissioners agree to proceed with the matter.

County Field Director Grady Lane reported that five hangars at the Millen/Jenkins County Airport were currently leased, leaving three available. He noted that 10 based aircraft at the airport was needed in order to receive federal funding. It was suggested hangar space at the airport be advertised.

Mr. Saxon presented a request from the Public Defender’s Office seeking to use surplus funds in the amount of $3,497.48 to provide salary increases to office staff and attorneys which would bring them to the same level as paid by the state. The county would then receive a refund of additional surplus funds in the amount of $4,500. Mr. Saxon noted that this surplus was due mainly to a decrease in the workforce in the Public Defender’s Office. The request was approved.

Mr. Saxon reported that he had researched credit/debit card processing companies for county offices. He made a recommendation to accept the proposal made by Certified Payments, which charges a 2.3% convenience fee that would be paid by the consumer. The equipment and setup would be supplied to the county at no charge. The proposal was approved.

Road side clean-up in the county was discussed with Mr. Saxon reporting that an “Adopt a Road” program was being developed, based upon programs operated by several other counties. The plan would be presented at a later meeting of the commissioners, he said.

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