2017-06-07 / Front Page

Two solar farms want to locate in Jenkins County

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

Two companies have expressed interest in locating solar farms in Jenkins County.

During a recent called meeting of the Jenkins County Commissioners, Chairman James Henry discussed two solar farm projects proposed by companies desiring to locate in Jenkins County. One would provide an investment of $37 million and the other would provide an investment of $84 million. Both companies, Mr. Henry indicated, had asked for tax abatements for the projects.

County Administrator Grady Saxon noted that the only surrounding county that offered tax abatements for solar projects was Jefferson County. Jefferson County would not disclose is formula for the incentives, he said.

Chairman Henry proposed a revision to Jenkins County’s current Solar Farm Ordinance before the commissioners gave approval to any additional solar farms. The group then discussed the implementation of a standard for tax incentives for any future solar project. A motion was approved to postpone any decision on both solar projects until the county’s ordinance regulating solar facilities had been revised.

There are currently two solar facilities located in Jenkins County.

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