2017-06-14 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1955

Work is progressing on several school projects. The building on the Colored School is showing up nicely. Due to a fire in the spring that destroyed most of the old facilities for the Color School System, an addition is being planned for six classrooms to take care of the first through third grades. Steel is being erected at the Jenkins County High School where a lunch room and Vocational shop is being built. The new structure at Herndon/Birdsville is fast taking shape.

Most of Jenkins County was visited by a by a rather hard winds and rain last Friday. The only appreciable damage done by the wind was on the farm of Mr. B.A. Wallace. The roof of the barn was blown off and carried some 200 feet away before settling down right side up. Mr. Wallace estimates the loss at $1,500 for the roof and $1,500 for feed he had stored in the barn.

County’s first Dairy Festival is held with a large crowd in attendance throughout the downtown area of Millen. A highlight of the event included a parade and beauty pageant. Rock Lake Dairy, owned by Clifford Parker, had the first place winning float in the parade contest. Miss Barbara Cook was crowned Queen of the Dairy Festival by former Governor Melvin Thompson.

Kelly-Garner Canning Company advertises for workers.

Gordon Johnston advertises Millen Radio and T.V. Center under new management.

OVEMA Egg prices jump: extra large, 40 cents; large, 39 cents; medium, 25 cents; small, 23 cents and pee wee, 15 cents.

Knox Metal Products Company of Waynesboro announces it will merge with the Knox company in Thomson and not locate in Millen, despite the generous offer of a location and building valued at $100,000.

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