2017-06-21 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1935

The big fish hatchery at Magnolia Springs State Park will soon be completed with about 20 acres under water. The entire 50 acres will be enclosed with fence wire. A number of deer have already been procured and other wildlife will be continually added. The bathing pool has been enlarged at the park and the area directly around the spring will be landscaped. On Wednesday of this week, there were some 200 men, women and children assembled at the park, enjoying its beauty.

President Roosevelt’s Old Age Pension Plan wins approval in Senate 76 to 6. The plan is the biggest tax program in the nation’s history.

Richard Whitfield, colored, employee of the Central of Georgia

Railroad freight depot for the past 35 years, was instantly killed Saturday on West Winthrope Avenue in front of the residence of J.C. Wilson. He was riding in the running board of the car of Randall Collins. A truck owned by Mr. Wilson was parked in front of his house. Collins met another car that blinded him so that he did not see how near he was to the parked truck. As he passed it, Mr. Whitfield was crushed between Collin’s car and the truck body.

Central of Georgia Railroad advertises “air conditioned buffet lounge coach” to run between Atlanta, Macon and Savannah. Rates are $2.87 for Savannah and Macon; $4.19 for Savannah and Atlanta; and $1.33 for Atlanta and Macon.

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