2017-06-28 / Front Page

City to apply for DCA grant

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

During a recent meeting of Millen City Council, the group voted to apply for a grant from the Department of Community Affairs to establish a Revolving Loan Fund in the amount of $500,000. The funds, if awarded, will be loaned to Scotbilt Homes for the purchase of equipment for the new facility currently under construction in Millen. When the loan is repaid by Scotbilt, the funds will go back into the Revolving Loan Fund to be used for future economic development.

In connection with this, Council also approved a motion for the Jenkins County Development Authority to administer the Revolving Loan Fund using the same policies and procedures that the Authority uses for the County’s Revolving Loan Fund.

In other business, a request from the Jenkins County Commissioners that Daniel Street be made a one-way street was approved. The request was made by the county as a means of increasing parking space at the Jenkins County Courthouse. The current parallel parking spaces will be converted to angle parking. City Manager Jeff Brantley was asked to notify the County Administrator of the City’s intent and the need to design the plan in conjunction with the Phase II Streetscape Project for Winthrope Avenue.

Due to expected increases in expenses at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, a recommendation was made to increase the city’s water and sewer rates. The increased expenses are due to EPD permitting and needed sewer upgrades to accommodate the new school currently under construction. Council voted to raise the base rate for each water meter by $1 and the base rate for each sewer meter by $1. The water and sewer usage rates will be increased by 3%, effective July 1st. The last increase in water and sewer usage rates was made in 2008 and the last increase in base rates was in 2010.

In other action, Council approved an agreement with Shockley Plumbing, Inc. in the amount of $10,750 for the extension of the College Street water line across the city canal.

Mandy Underwood, Jenkins County Chamber of Commerce/ Development Authority Executive Director, met with Council to discuss the formation of a Land Bank Authority. Council agreed to move forward with researching the creation of a Land Bank Authority.

A flexible lease option to fund a Police Interceptor car was discussed. The lease would be through Plus Finance Strategies, LLC. Financing and payments options will be reviewed at a later date, if a decision is made to purchase a new car.

Administrator Brantley presented a review of the City’s finances and updated Council on the city’s solar project, stating that it should be completed within the next week. He also noted that a change was planned for the large solar array at the Waste Water Treatment Plant with Georgia Power offering a plan to existing customers to sell their solar power to them at a higher kilowatt rate.

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