2017-06-28 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1943

Pfc. Herman Edenfield writes that Fitzsimmons General Hospital where is stationed is the largest Army and Navy hospital in the world, capable of caring for 7,000 patients. Herman, who was formerly with the Fletcher Funeral Home, is in charge of 85 men and likes his work.

Alvin Cauley of Scarboro is near death in a local hospital and Woodrow Victory is out on a $1,000 bond as the result of a cutting affray that occurred in the Scarboro Railroad Station Saturday afternoon about 7:30 p.m. Cauley and his wife and Victory alighted from the train and Victory drew a knife and went to work on Cauley, almost severing the jugular vein and cutting him about the face. Eugene Dwelle who lives near Scarboro rushed Cauley to the hospital and his prompt action is credited to giving him a chance to recover. Mrs. Cauley was cut on the back and arm as she tried to come to her husband’s aid. Victory was apprehended by the sheriff but refused to make a statement. He surrendered willingly.

The recently installed dehydrator is now in operation at the cannery, according to Mr. E.W. Graham who is operating it. All types of fruits and vegetables are being dehydrated, except tomatoes which are about 99% water. The dehydrator is 50 bushel capacity, the equal of 1,000 cans.

A special train filled mostly with German prisoners of war passed through Millen Saturday afternoon headed toward Atlanta. The prisoners were well guarded with machine guns and the train was here only a short time.

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