2017-07-05 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1943

New draft legislation included a proposal to require all adult men and women to register for service in the war effort. It will be the subject of extensive hearings by the House Military Committee, when the Congressional recess ends in September. Fathers of children conceived prior to Pearl Harbor and registered men in the 38-45 years bracket would not be inducted for military service under tentative plans now being considered by the Administration.

It’s raining boll weevils, in effect, and Georgia’s cotton crop is threatened with serious damage, the Crop Reporting Service said Tuesday. Weevil infestation counts on 245 farms for the week of July 8 show an average infestation for the state of 23%, compared to 18% the previous week and 10% the week before.

The Air Medal has been presented to Bill Bragg, Aviation Ordnanceman, 3rd class, USN of Millen for “meritorious achievement” while participating in aerial flights against Japanese in the Solomon Islands area. Bragg lists his next of kin as Mrs. Fannie Burke of Millen.

Gordon Mays advertises – Sell your car and buy bonds! I need 50 cars at once. Will pay from $500-$1,000 for late model cars.”

Mrs. Lamar Wilson advertises her “Modern Beauty Shop” stating it is a well equipped shop with skilled operators.

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