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New administrator at Jenkins County Medical Center

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

The local hospital gets a new name – Jenkins County Medical Center The local hospital gets a new name – Jenkins County Medical Center The local hospital has a new name and a new man in charge. Earl S. Whiteley, FACHE, is the new Interim Administrator at the Jenkins County Medical Center. The hospital was recently purchased by GA Medical Holdings, Corp., a Florida based company.

Mr. Whiteley is no stranger to healthcare. He has been managing hospitals and consulting for over 47 years and is CEO/President of The Whiteley Group HealthCare Consulting. Prior to coming to Jenkins County, Mr. Whiteley was CEO of the North Georgia Medical Center in Ellijay and Dahlonega, Georgia.

He is Board Certified, FACHE by the American College of Healthcare Executives and was the recipient of the 2013 Senior Healthcare Executive of the Year award by the American College Healthcare Executives. He is also the recipient of the 2009 Meritorious Service Award by Home Town Health, 2007 Rotary Vocation Contribution Award and 1993 President’s National Achievement Award by Federation of American Hospitals, Washington D.C. Mr. Whiteley is a member of the Rotary and Lions Clubs.

Earl S. Whiteley, Intermin Administrator, Jenkins County Medical Center Earl S. Whiteley, Intermin Administrator, Jenkins County Medical Center Mr. Whiteley noted that as a Critical Access Hospital, the Jenkins County Medical Center will be providing primary care and a 24-hour Emergency Room as it has done in the past.

Also, local doctors will be able to refer patients to the hospital for treatment.

“The public needs to know that the federal law of the land decrees that a doctor cannot demand that patients go to another facility if the patient wants to stay at their facility, as long as the needed services are available,” Mr. Whiteley said.

“The local doctors have been very supportive of the hospital and efforts to keep it open,” he added.

“We will also be working to bring in other specialists so that local residents do not have to travel out-of-town to receive services,” Mr. Whiteley said.

One area in which plans are being made is geriatric psychiatry. Mr. Whiteley said that an approximately $1 million investment would be made to develop an in-patient geriatric psychiatry program at the hospital. He estimates that it will take about a year to get the department state certified and running. Efforts are also being made to recruit specialists in the field of ENT, gynecology and others for which there is market.

In the meantime, the hospital will undergo a “facelift.” Numerous renovations and repairs are beginning to get underway. When these are completed, an Open House will be held for the public.

As for staffing, Mr. Whiteley noted that several licensed positions for CNAs, LPNs and RNs are available at the hospital.

“We are in the process of filling these positions. Anyone interested should apply to me at the hospital,” he said.

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