2017-07-26 / Editorials

Mike Reese

“I was just thinking”

My family recently enjoyed a vacation in Washington, DC. It was one of those lucky vacations, no missteps, no problems.

From the first x-ray of our bodies and bags to landing back in Savannah, everything went as planned, thanks in large part, to good, solid American workers, who proudly and responsibly do their jobs every day.

We’ve all heard horror stories about flying today and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). They’re responsible for security at airports and all hubs of transportation across the country since 9/11. They objected to hair gel, tooth paste, and a wine corkscrew that I forgot was still in my bag from a previous trip. While shoeless and beltless I was informed that these objects would have to be left behind. But they were nice, very nice in fact, and very professional about my losses. I said OK, keep this stuff; just get us on the plane. Great flight. My granddaughter was on board for her first trip through the clouds. She loved it and wants more, “first class next time”, she said. Sorry, not in Papa’s budget.

I’d been hearing good things about Uber, a cyber-based taxi service with an app you can download. It worked like a charm. Nicer drivers, cleaner cars, and you know the charges before you accept the ride. So there’s no being driven aimlessly, all over an unfamiliar city while their meter rages on. Try Uber. You’ll forget the old taxis. Chansley liked watching our drivers on my phone, turning here and there making their way to pick us up.

We stayed at Capitol Hill Hotel, an older structure totally updated. It was right in the middle of a nice neighborhood, two blocks from the Capitol, Supreme Court, and Library of Congress. The hotel staff was always friendly and helpful.

The tour guides at the Capitol and Supreme Court were professional, informative, and friendly. Those who manned information counters were always smiling and gave us accurate information anytime we asked. Thankfully, security was everywhere, armed with serious firepower. But they, too, were friendly, professional, and unfaltering, even when hundreds of people had to be suddenly evacuated from the Library of Congress due to some threat. Never rude, but you fully knew to follow their orders without question or hesitation. Even fellow tourists were friendly and helpful. A wheelchair bound man told his ten year old son to give his seat up to me to watch an event on the mall. Professional and friendly are the words I’d also use to describe the staffs where we ate at several non-chain restaurants around the corner from our hotel.

Now, if our Congress men and women, Senators, and the President could have tagged along with us and witnessed (and tried to emulate) how everyday Americans work, diligently getting their jobs done every day, with no special privileges, with smiles on their faces, we’d all be better off. And, maybe, then their approval ratings might finally surpass having a root canal and a hemorrhoidectomy. But then again, maybe not.

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