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Jenkins County Middle/High School

Dress Code

The appearance of students should be reasonable and not distracting to others. This policy addresses requirements for normal school days and spirit days. Prom, Pageant, and Homecoming dress codes are outlined in the section immediately following daily dress code. Students are expected and required to show proper attention to personal hygiene, neatness, and conservative standards of dress and appearance.

Solid white, light blue, navy blue, or grey.
Shirts must be collared, polo, or oxford style shirt with short or long sleeves
A logo smaller than a credit card is acceptable.
Tops and bottoms must be contrasting colors.
Undershirts must be solid white, blue, black, grey, or khaki with no wording or pictures. (Also for
camisoles and turtlenecks)

Solid black, brown, tan, navy or white
Belts must be threaded through the loops.
Only one belt may be worn.
Buckles should not have oversized, ornate buckles or buckles that bear offensive messages.

Extreme hair colors or a style that cause a disruption, or interferes with the learning environment will
not be allowed (i.e. mohawks, blue, pink, or green, etc. hair colors).
No hats, sun visors, rollers, bandanas, hoods, caps, sweatbands/headbands, knit caps, or any covering
on the head may be worn in the building.
Sunglasses may not be worn in the building.

Students are required to wear safe and appropriate shoes at all times.
No bedroom shoes, heelies, flip flops ,slides, stilettos, or heels higher than 3 inches, or similar type
shoes are allowed at school.
Sandals are allowed, however, closed toe shoes are the only shoes permissible in labs due to safety

Khaki, or navy
The pants or shorts must be made of 98% standard twill or cotton material.
Denim or jean pants are not allowed.
Shorts must go to the knee when standing.
Pants and shorts must be in the correct size to avoid sagging.
Pants must be belted at the natural waist.
Shirts must be tucked in.

Khaki, or navy
The pants, shorts, capris, skirts, or skorts must be made of 98% standard twill or cotton material.
Denim or jean pants are not allowed.
Shorts, skirts, and skorts must go to the knee.
Correct size to avoid sagging.
Pants, if belted, must be at the natural waist.

Skinny jeans, athletic shorts, leggings, jeggings, joggers, sweatpants, exercise/yoga pants, or windsuit pants are not permitted.
No tears, rips, or holes in clothing.
Pants and shorts must not be cut off or have frayed bottoms but must have a proper hem.
Pants cannot have elastic, cuffs, drawstrings, or zippers at the ankles.

Jackets and coats can be any color but cannot bear inappropriate messages or an insignia larger than
a credit card. Vests, crew/v-neck sweaters or sweatshirts must be solid white, light blue, navy blue,
or grey. Jackets cannot bear an insignia larger than a credit card.
Hoods cannot be worn in the building. Trench coats or dusters are not allowed.

Throughout the year, students will be allowed to have School Spirit Days. Spirit Days will be on the
last Friday of every month, subject to administrative approval. Acceptable dress for Spirit Days is a

Only Jenkins County School spirit crew neck t-shirts or school club t-shirts may be worn.

Denim jeans without holes or patches will be allowed.
No other pants are allowed except those that are consistent with the dress code as published in this

The correction plan below will address noncompliance:
Incident #1 Warning, parent contact, and remedy clothing
Incident #2 Loss of privileges, after-school detention, remedy clothing and/or ISS
Incident #3 Violations will be addressed in accordance with the Code of Conduct which is in the

When questionable, the school principal or the principal's designee will make the final determination of whether a student's attire or appearance is in conflict with the system policy. No student will be considered non-compliant if they are a transfer student for the first week, on spirit days, or if the principal grants special permission.

Students are expected to comply with the Jenkins County Middle/High School's Dress Code while in attendance at school.

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