2017-08-09 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1945

Delivery of the new telephone directory for Millen has been completed. A total of 450 copies were delivered to local homes and offices, according to Mr. G.L. Jones, manager for the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company. The old directories should be turned over to the War Scrap Paper Collectors, along with other waste paper, at the first opportunity.

Mighty Russia, battle-toughened in victory over Germany, went to war against Axis Japan. America and her allies applauded, and counted on the early doom of the enemy of the Pacific.

Secretary Stimson predicted Monday that the atomic bomb will prove a tremendous aid in shortening the war with Japan. Stimson said the explosive power of the bomb is such to as to stagger the imagination. He added that scientists are confident of developing even more powerful atomic bombs.

Ensign David Dyer of the USS Pres. Warfield is at home on furlough visiting his mother, Mrs. Martha Dyer. Robert A. Reese is on the USS Iowa Sec.Division. Sgt. J.S. Lake who has been overseas for 18 months is visiting his mother, Mrs. Eva Lake in Perkins. Frank Edenfield has made Chief Electrician on board the USS Mobile. Frank has been in the service four years and his entire sea duty has been on the USS Mobile.

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