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Laura Tyler named Jenkins County system-wide Teacher of Year

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

Laura Tyler, system-wide Teacher of the Year. (Staff photo by Deborah Bennett) Laura Tyler, system-wide Teacher of the Year. (Staff photo by Deborah Bennett) Ms. Laura Tyler, a Human Anatomy teacher at Jenkins County High School has been selected as the system-wide Teacher of the Year for the Jenkins County School System. Ms. Tyler is in her fourth year of teaching at JCHS and was also selected at the JCHS Teacher of the Year for this school term.

She is a 2002 graduate of Georgia College and State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She received a Master’s of Arts degree in Teaching from Armstrong State University.

Prior to coming to the Jenkins County School System, Ms. Tyler was a K-2 grade academic intervention teacher in reading and math and a hospital homebound instructor for K-12.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching, she replied quickly, “It is the students. They are the biggest challenge and the biggest enjoyment of the job at the same time.”

“I am here for them alone. I give them the gift of myself and for the most part they are willing to do the same. They share with me and one day soon some of them will, hopefully, share their joys, trials, successes and failures with the world. For I truly believe that a life lived is a life shared with others,” she added.

Ms. Tyler said that her teaching philosophy is rooted deeply in the belief that learning should be a lifelong process for everyone.

“We should never stagnate and cease to learn. It does not matter if we get our learning through extensive reading or through classes at the local college. The important idea is simply to learn more than we previously knew about ourselves and the world,” she said.

Her goal for her students is to help them realize that learning does not have to be a boring or tedious process. She accomplishes this with “hands-on” teaching methods as much as possible, often utilizing “bones and blood activities” in her classroom. She attempts to show students how Human Anatomy might be used in different careers.

“Real learning is all about curiosity and passion. I try to show my students that learning is more than a fact on a page or a sheet of notes to memorize for a test. Real learning is something that you never forget,” Ms. Tyler said.

She adds, “True success in a school system or true success for a teacher is not in a student’s test score or even the grade that they accumulate in a semester course. The measure of success of a school system and all teachers in that system is in how well students are prepared to face the world after graduation.”

Ms. Tyler has a son, Benjamin, who is a student at Jenkins County Middle School.

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