2017-08-23 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1926

The Black Bear Trail, formerly the Woodpecker Route, will hold its annual meeting in Millen on Friday at the Hotel Estelle. The tourist route is one of the most important routes between the north and the south and enjoys the patronage of thousands of motorists each year.

All Georgians who did not pay their taxes six months before the date of the statewide primary on Sept. 8th will be barred from voting the primary, under a ruling made by T.R. Gress, Assistant Attorney General of Georgia.

An accident on Monday at the grade crossing on the Waynesboro Road was very nearly a fatality. A ford truck heavily loaded with lumber was headed for the mill of Frye and Wasden when the driver Jesse Lee saw the approaching passenger train, put the truck out of gear and tried to apply the brakes. But he found he did not have any. He jumped from the running truck and was uninjured. J.C. Pennington who was seated by him did not jump but turned the truck into the ditch, thus avoiding a collision with the passenger train headed for Augusta. In doing so, several hundred feet of lumber piled on top of him. He is in the Millen Hospital badly bruised. His condition is favorable for recovery.

Tuesday morning the rear offices of the Millen Fertilizer Company were found to be on fire and burning rapidly. The quick work of the Millen Fire Department prevented what might have been a most disastrous fire. It is not known how the fire originated as there was no one in the office at the time.

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