2017-08-30 / Front Page

County approves Airport grant

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

The local airport on Hwy. 25 North will be getting some repairs, thanks to a Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) grant.

During a recent meeting of the Jenkins County Commissioners, the group accepted a grant from the DOT for up to $100,000 to be used for runway repairs and restriping at the airport. According to grant terms, the County will have to match 25%, up to $25,000.

Sheriff Robert Oglesby presented a request for the purchase of two additional patrol vehicles, stating that two current vehicles had excessive mileage and were going to be removed from the fleet. He presented quotes for the new vehicles, Ford Police Interceptors, from three vendors, noting that the vehicles would still need to have cages and lights installed in them.

During a discussion of financing options, County Administrator Grady Saxon reported there was currently $67,000 remaining in the SPLOST 6 account, but those funds had to last until 2020, which is the end of the current SPLOST. Sheriff Oglesby noted there would be approximately $80,000 in forfeiture funds available within two months. No action was taken on the matter at this time.

EMA Director Alvin Burke presented revisions to the recently proposed Debris Management Plan. The plan includes provisions for cleaning up property damaged during disasters. Attorney Troy Gay suggested that the plan include a stipulation that any contractor responsible for demolition of property be bonded and insured. If the property owner fails to clean up damaged property during a reasonable time, the properties would fall under the County’s Nuisance Ordinance. A motion was made to approve the Debris Management Plan, pending the changes discussed.

Mr. Saxon reported that the remodeling of facilities at the Jenkins County Recreation Department was underway, with the Georgia Department of Corrections performing the work. He noted that the vent hood installation in the concession stand would be completed by the end of the week. He also reported that the parking lot repairs were complete at the Jenkins County Senior Citizens Center and that he would be contacting the Election Superintendent regarding additional parking that may be needed since the Center will now be a combined polling place.

Other actions taken by the Commissioners included: approved the purchase of a camera system to monitor dumpster sites for illegal dumping in the county; reappointed Mrs. Marilyn Knight and Mrs. Pam Brown to the Jenkins County Memorial Library Board of Trustees for three year terms; and declined a request for sponsorship of a non-profit basketball team.

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