2017-08-30 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1956

Jenkins County High School student Mary Franklin was elected the Outstanding Future Teacher in the First District in the Southeastern Fair sponsored search for the States Outstanding Future Teacher. The selections were made from nominations by the high school facilities in the First District.

Announcement was made on Wednesday by President Walter Harrison of the State Highway No. 17 Association that the honorable Roy F. Chalker, member of the State Highway Board, has tentatively accepted an invitation to attend the annual meeting of the Association. Mr. Chalker is expected to outline future development of the State Route 17.

Craig Gay of the Norwood section was elected President of the Ogeechee Valley Egg Marketing Association on Monday at the group’s regular meeting. Mr. Gay succeeds John H. Brooks Jr. who resigned due to business reasons.

The City of Millen begins the catching of stray dogs, using an old fire truck that has been converted into a “canine special.” The pound is located in the old baseball park and there you have a varied selection of your favorite pooches, if you are dog minded. They are free, except for the keep and that would be nominal.

Citizens are invited to dance to the music of Little Hank Williams and his Orchestra on Friday night at McMillan Pool. Admission is $1.

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